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La Santa, Ave Maria

Straight out of The Oratory, (Crouch End Studios’ “little one”) comes a new series of covers.

Covers from The Oratory, available to stream on SoundCloud, will feature alternative artists covering both well-known and obscure songs, all of which have been recorded, mixed and mastered at The Oratory.

The first cover to be released is a rendition of Ave Maria by La Santa…

Inspired by the dysfunctional relationship between South Italian crime organisations and religious tradition, La Santa is a volatile concoction of death chants, harrowing electronics and initiation rituals that evokes visceral fear and spiritual ecstasy.

A native Calabrese, the name La Santa refers to both the Virgin Mary and the most secretive level of mafia syndicate ‘Ndrangheta, which links top bosses with Freemasons and terror organisations.

You can find more of La Santa’s work on Spotify…

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