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From her forthcoming second solo album, A Softer Offering, Annie Hart has released ‘Longing to Care Less’, premiered via Oxfam.

Annie Hart via Instagram

Talking about this latest single to The Line of Best Fit, Hart revealed:

“I wanted to give listeners that chance to breathe, to relax. A soundtrack for painting or lying in the grass. I thought a lot about what music I play for myself when I want to make a moment feel complete. There’s just something different when you play soft music during these ordinary spaces in life, and I wanted to make a soundtrack for that. Sounds that undulate in minimal movement, that you can pay very close attention to, or leave space around if you need to have your own thoughts. I hope this record helps stretch those unfortunately rare times in our lives when we have moments to be peaceful.”

Annie Hart talking to The Line of Best Fit about latest release ‘Longing to Care Less’, December 2019

A Softer Offering will be out this Friday, 13 December 2019!

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