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As n-eight originated in N8 – Crouch End – it seems only right to base our first ‘Signs of Life piece right there, in London’s hidden creative haven.

Quietly nestled between Highgate, Muswell Hill, Turnpike Lane and Finsbury Park, Crouch End is vibrant whilst keeping a village charm among the chaos of London.

Crouch End, November 2019

The area is particularly well known for music. One church building in particular is home to a cohort of producers and studios, the most famous being The Church Studios, of course. In 1984, Dave Stewart and Annie Lennox converted the large upstairs church room into a recording studio. After the recording, production and release of Sweet Dreams, The Church Studios became a London music landmark and established studio. In 1988, The Eurythmics bought the building, well and truly taking ownership of it.

In 2004, David Gray bought the studios, but after just shy of a decade, Gray sold up. The legacy of the building was in question, with plans to convert the building into apartments, when, in 2013, Paul Epworth bought The Church and refurbished it to the highest of standards. Epworth remains at the head of The Church Studios today. Other parts of the church building have been bought and rented by other producers looking to set up studios in the iconic building. To name a few: The Crypt, The Oratory and Bleach Productions.

The Church, home to The Church Studios, The Crypt, Bleach Productions, The Oratory, and many other recording and rehearsal spaces for musicians and producers. Crouch End, London, November 2019.

The cafe culture of Crouch End is what also draws people in, and makes them stay. The streets are lined with cafes, bars and restaurants. Some of our favourites are Lydia and Coffee Circus.

Lydia, Crouch End, November 2019

As well as the music and the cafes, there are pubs galore with live comedy and music, and a generous mix of independent and high street shops. The pace of Crouch End feels just a bit more relaxed than many other parts of London, so is definitely worth a visit for a Sunday stroll in the footsteps of some music legends.

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