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Brian Fennell, the US singer-songwriter known as SYML, has had quite the year, releasing track after track before his self-titled album was released back in May.

The name SYML was a conscious choice for the artist. It is the word for ‘simple’ in Welsh, the nationality of his birth parents who gave him up for adoption as a baby, something that has shaped his music which is inspired by themes of “identity and how that impacts me”.

One track on the album is called Connor, a nod to a life which could have been…

Fennell’s start to life, whilst posing its challenges, has inspired a beautiful album, and shaped the man he is today. Speaking to Sky, he said: “Now I’m older and have got two little kids and that gap, or void, or whatever is very much filled with my own family.”

What is perhaps one of the most striking things about this artist is his fusion of visuals with sounds. Speaking on Instagram, he wrote:

“I like to write songs that have a strong visual component. Not literally, or even lyrically, but I want to you to ‘see’ the sounds.”

SYML (Instagram)

This can be seen across many of SYML’s videos, accompanying his releases, such as a video posted on Instagram to accompany ‘Bird’, track 7 from the album:

As well as his latest single, ‘Take Me Apart’:

We can’t wait to hear and see more from this artist who pours so much emotion into the lyrics, music and visuals of his art.

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