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Released yesterday – December 10 2019 – ‘Learning the Feeling’ is the latest track from LA based self-styled ‘grunge pop baby’, talker (Celeste Taucher). And we LOVE it. LOVE.

Vulnerable in her music, writing songs such as ‘Passive’ and ‘Keep Me Safe’ for her debut EP Horror Films released earlier in the year, this vulnerability is matched with a new strength in ‘Learning the Feeling’.

Taucher questions herself : “I’ve been keeping quiet”… “What has silence done for me?”, before built-up, bottled-in emotions burst out in distorted sounds in the chorus. Explaining the progression of her music, talker said of the new track:

“In ‘Keep Me Safe’ I was holding my breath waiting for a moment of truth. ‘Learning The Feeling’ is that moment. The video is a continuation of the story in ‘Keep Me Safe’ – only now, we see what happens when I stop being afraid and take control.”

Quoted in LOBF

Listen to ‘Learning the Feeling’, out now.

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