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The latest single from US singer-songwriter Anson Seabra, ‘Trying My Best’, is out today.

Seabra, a rising star, found his following posting self-recorded videos of his original songs online, with hits such as ‘Robin Hood’ and ‘I Can’t Carry this Anymore’ going viral.

This latest track is likely to do the same. Once again Seabra’s emotional and vulnerable lyrics, boyish and delicate vocals, and haunting piano produce a piece of art which draws listeners in.

Every track of Seabra’s, like this latest single, has a uniqueness which is breathtaking and spellbinding… magic. Perhaps it’s Seabra’s honesty in his lyrics which garner’s the attention of most of his fans. In a time when the conversation about mental health is being encouraged and accepted more than ever, Seabra’s most honest and human thoughts are laid bare in ‘Trying My Best’. The lyrics speak to everyone, but not everyone would be able to speak so openly about such feelings. The chorus, whilst simply worded, is truthful and hones in on something every human faces – a struggle. Those times of hardship, the lows in life, when things aren’t okay, but you keep going:

“I’m trying my best to be okay,

I’m trying my best but everyday,

it’s so hard…”

‘Trying My Best’, Anson Seabra


Listen to ‘Trying My Best’, out today.

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