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In the lead up to a new year, and indeed a new decade, we’ll be bringing you some of the sounds we discovered this year. First up is Wyldest. The dream-pop North London trio have been making waves this year after a cover of Snow Patrol’s 2006 track ‘You Could Be Happy’ was featured in an emotional episode of Love Island back in July, and even garnered the attention and praise of Gary Lightbody. Take a listen below…

Enchanting and tragic, Zoe Mead’s vocals scream heartache. The band, once quoted as making “sad songs that sound happy”, is made up of Zoe Mead, Jack Gooderham and Mariin Kallikorm. With melancholic lyrics, emotional vocals and a warm depth of synths, the sound truly is a nostalgic and breathtaking offering of ‘shoegaze/dream-pop’, as described by the trio themselves.

With the release of their album Dream Chaos in March, the year has seen the band come into their own, embracing a unique sound they have developed and honed over the past 5 years.

Not only is the band’s sound catching the attention of music critics, lovers and makers internationally, the stories behind their songs are too. ‘Quiet Violet’, the album’s penultimate track, tells the story of “a struggling adult who succumbs to societal pressures and gets themselves trapped in a life full of broken dreams and frustration”.

The songs of this young band reach a universal audience, through subjects common to human life, but in the medium of an experimental sound uncommon to the ears of many.

Definitely ones to watch for 2020 and the coming decade!

(Photo: Briana Davis)

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