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Some music is background noise, and some music requires, or perhaps possesses, your presence. Album number two from Georgia is the latter. With Seeking Thrills, Georgia delivers music which goes beyond background noise, exceeds casual listening, and transports you to an elevated state of consciousness.

After five years, the long awaited second album was released on Friday (January 10). Confident, bright, bold, electronic, imperfect, honest, distorted, pop… there are many words that spring to mind when trying to describe Seeking Thrills. A talented producer and writer, Georgia’s deep understanding of electronic music, and the emotive and dramatic impact when combined with pop melodies, shines throughout the album. Combined with endearing vocals, it’s hard not to love it.

The 29 year old’s love of dance music and synth-pop is obvious throughout, as well as the musician’s drummer background (Kate Tempest should be proud of her drummer for this body of work!), as the emphasis on and importance of the rhythm is unavoidable. With noticeable influences ranging from MIA to Kate Bush, the album is a treasure trove.

If you give this album a go (which you really should), you will definitely be ‘seeking thrills’.

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