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The Skinner Brothers released their latest album, ‘Soul Boy, Vol. 1’, on January 3 2020. If there’s one thing you do today, listen to it!

The word ‘EXPLICIT’ sits next to all of the ten songs on the album, a warning only of the talent to come. From the honest, cheeky, often rebellious lyrics to the mix of inspiration and influences (Rock, Jazz, Blues and everything in between), the album is pure gold.

The Skinner Brothers (Photo: @ccossmmo)

The quick wit of the lyrics tell stories of a rock n roll lifestyle, a band refusing to be confined to the 9-5 norm. The vocals are warm, talkative, held together by rhythms which range from toe-tapping to head-banging. The best part? The band and this album feel honest, raw, and come from a genuine love of music and the journey their choice to pursue music has taken, and is taking, them on.

When I say the album is endearing, I obviously am not using the word in the same way one might describe a new-born baby or a little puppy. But the album is endearing, in the weirdest sense. All the talk of sex, drugs and rock n roll has been turned into a biopic, relatable to the lives of many of London’s young, and old, musos. The relatability, and the cheeky persona of this young band, that’s what makes the album endearing.

Formed in 2018, the band joined The Libertines on their UK tour after an invite from Carl Barat. Since their debut track ‘Watchu’, The Skinner Brothers have amassed a large following, loved by fans of all music for their experimentation with many styles, from Rock to Hip-Hop to Jazz. The Skinner Brothers exude rock n roll, loved for their rebellious attitude which shines in the songs and in the charismatic, crazy live shows.

The next chance to catch the lads live is on February 2 2020 at The Five Bells, London – though it is sold out, so if you’re one of the lucky ones who snagged a ticket, enjoy!

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