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Mathieu Karsenti, an award-winning composer for film, TV and stage, released the EP ‘Viola Abstractions’ on Monday 13 January.

The EP consists of four compositions for viola, presenting the instrument’s “beautiful range through ‘abstract musical paintings’ that are contemplative and meditative in nature”. On the EP, the compositions have been interpreted by Violeta Vicci.

The music is breathtakingly beautiful, and should be listened to and appreciated by lovers of all kinds of music. Each piece offers the listener a tranquility. The compositions are impressive and delicate, bold at times, but overall calming in their collective nature.

Take a listen…

Karsenti has over two decades of experience in the world of music, and has composed music for BBC, Disney, Channel 4, Sky, Nickelodeon, Bravo, and many more. This wealth of experience shines through in the latest EP. Follow the composer through the links below:

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