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Are you one of those people who when asked “what kind of music do you listen to?”, replies “oh I like all kinds of music, I listen to everything”? Then the latest EP from otta may be something you should sit down and listen to NOW.

Released January 24 2020, the talented South London artist with Finnish roots wrote, recorded, produced and engineered every track on the latest EP after it all blew over, with some additional production by kwes.

otta’s charming and honest approach to making music shines through on after it all blew over, which holds a unique worldliness, drifting effortlessly between genres and transforming elements from electronic music, jazz, future-pop, RnB and neo-soul, producing a dynamic EP.

The warmth of otta’s gentle yet hypnotic vocals hugs the playful instrumentation, leaning towards pop in some tracks, like small hours, more solemn and understated in others, like Near Enough a Woman, but equally captivating across the EP. The earlier mentioned small hours is one of my favourite tracks from otta. A sad song that sounds happy – attempted by many, but rarely do I actually think, “they nailed it” – small hours is instrumentally upbeat in places, whilst lyrically and vocally melancholic, bleak and tormented. A gem.

Packed full of haunting, effortless harmonies, soulful guitar, cinematic interludes and jazzy outros, after it all blew over will have you feeling all the feels, and often all at once. Keep an eye out for otta… I have a feeling 2020 will be a big one for this admirable artist.

See otta at SET, Dalston on February 13 2020. Tickets here.

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