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Essex-based trio Square Wave have released their debut single Luvy Duvy, today, February 7 2020.

From Southend-on-Sea, the band – comprised of frontman Braden Clarke, bassist Alex Hanrahan, and drummer Mike Dodsworth – “combine dreamlike, ethereal guitars with groovy bass and thundering drums”. Their debut single Luvy Duvy, produced by Dan White at Buff Records and mastered at the infamous Abbey Road Studios, showcases the band’s inspirations, from 80s Indie to 90s Shoegaze.

With a strong resume of shows at venues such as the Hoppily Bar, The Railway, and Sebright Arms, the band are sure to make waves now that their debut single is out.

We caught up with Square Wave’s Braden and Bambi, here’s what they had to say…

N8: Hey lads! Can we believe it’s already February?! How’s the year going so far?
Braden: It’s going great! We’ve got a few gigs booked in and we’ve been getting into some cool new bands around London. I finished reading Fleas’s memoir and I can’t shout my praises of it enough, I also went to Manchester for the first time earlier this year as well which was proper naughty, spent an evening in the rave cave…
Bambi: I know right it’s crazy! Going so fast already but we’re excited for what it has in store for us.

N8: Wow, sounds like you’ve been up to loads already! Congrats on the release of your debut single! How does it feel to have your own music out there in the world?
Braden: It feels lush. It’s great to finally have like a calling card, something people can check out. We’re so happy with how it worked out. Dan who we recorded the single with was great to us and we had such a fun time recording it. I feel that should come across to the listener, I hope anyway haha.
Bambi: Thank you, it feels really cool actually and a bit relieving to be honest haha. It’s good that people are finally getting to see what we’ve been working really hard on and to put out something that we’re really proud of!

N8: It definitely sounds like you had fun making the track! So, which one of you is the songwriter? Or is it a joint effort? Talk us through the process of creating your music…
Braden: I write the lyrics and we usually start with like a loose idea or demo and then it develops from there. We’re always jamming and sending each other little recordings of ideas as they come to us. I have so many notes and voice memo’s on my phone haha.
Bambi: Creating our music really varies, it can be from one person having a whole song idea, one person having idea that others add bits to, whole band jams where we pick out a section we like and use it etc. It is definitely a collaborative process and we’re always looking to see how we can improve our songs over time by adding in new parts or different fills that can spice it up.

N8: That sounds like great fun. And I can relate to the notes and voice memo thing, it almost becomes hard to keep track of all the ideas – way too many random lyrics forever getting lost on the phones of musicians these days haha! And how did Square Wave come to exist?
Braden: I was playing a gig supporting our friends KASAKELA, they’re a crazy good up and coming electronic indie kinda outfit. They’ve got some mad stuff coming out this year, I got a teaser of it in Manchester, just enough to wet the whistle, and it was really tasty. So yeah Bambi came along to check them out because we move in the same kinda circles
from playing in local bands and stuff. We’d actually played on the same bill before but never really spoke. We started chatting after my set and hit it off straight away, we decided we’d meet up for a jam. We had no intention of starting a band, we just wanted to practise together to stay musically active and hopefully learn from each other. After the first jam though there were
pieces coming together and we decided to start a band. We went through a bunch of drummers before we met Mike. When we eventually found Mike and he came to the first practise we knew within minutes he was our guy, great things come to those who wait…
Bambi: Square Wave came about through two local bands from Southend, Essex becoming inactive. I went to a local gig night to see a friends band play and got chatting to Braden who was doing an acoustic set that night. Both in previous bands in the scene (which had played together on the the same bill before) we agreed to have a jam one day, and after a few jams it started to become apparent that we were already forming the basis of songs.
After eventually trialing countless drummers we came across Mike, who was the perfect fit and from there it really got going. After practising the songs with him that we had written over the last 2 years and getting gig ready we are now where we are today.

N8: Hey, as the saying goes – “when you know, you know”… chemistry within a band is key so it’s great you all clicked like that. Any major plans for the year ahead?
Braden: Just gigging loads and going to loads of gigs. There’s so many cool bands in London and Brighton we’ve been getting into, we’re just keen to discover as much as we can and support the scene – as cringe as that word can be… There will be a music video for “Luvy Duvy” Directed by our close friend Kristian Fitsall, we’ve got all kinds of whacky stuff going on and we can’t wait for people to see it!
Bambi: Our plans for this year are to get gigging loads and to get our name out there a bit more! Now our single is out we have that momentum to get a few more booked in. We’re also keen to go to more small gigs in the London scene and get involved with like minded people and bands!

N8: Always so many great bands to see in London! And wow, we can’t wait to see the video! Good luck with everything, and great chatting with you x
Braden: Absolute pleasure, cheers for having us!
Bambi: Cheer for having us!

Catch Square Wave at Off The Cuff on February 13 with Pleasure Barge.

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