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Actor, writer, director and filmmaker extraordinaire (and friend of n-eight) Abigail Blackmore released her first feature film last year, Tales from the Lodge.

Written and directed by Blackmore, Tales from the Lodge starred Sophie Thompson, Johnny Vegas, Mackenzie Crook, Dustin Demri-Burns, Laura Fraser, Kelly Wenham and Adam Straughan. With a familiar scene of a bunch of thirty-somethings holidaying together in a cabin, the film takes a darker twist when the group who are sharing horror stories end up in one of their own. 93 minutes of a new take on portmanteau horror-comedy, Tales from the Lodge is well worth watching.

We recently caught up with Abi, here’s what was said…

n-eight: Well, 2019… that was a bit of a bloody awesome year, wasn’t it?

Abi: It was rather! Making a feature has been a life-long dream so I’m relieved it finally happened.

n-eight: What inspired you to write a horror/comedy film and are they your niche genres now?

Abi: I wouldn’t consider horror and comedy niche because they’re so popular but they are my favourite genres. I’m also prone to a bit of drama, scifi or a good thriller. The only genre I’m not mad on is action.

n-eight: You did a great job getting a cast of A-Listers for Tales from the Lodge. Were they easy to direct or a bunch of prima donnas? You can tell us.  

Abi: I can honestly say they were lovely. We went for actors who we thought would work well together and with a seasoned cast you can rely on them to know what’s needed and get on with it. I was probably the most difficult actor to work with cos I kept laughing during the ghost tour scene.

n-eight: What was it like juggling home and work life from inception to completion?

Abi: The same as it is for a bloke, probably.

n-eight: Good answer. What’s your writing process like? Do you sit up all night scribbling away, eating bowls of cornflakes and knocking back tea or isn’t it as glamorous as that?

Abi: Are you spying on me?

n-eight: What advice would you give to budding film writers?

Abi: Get on with it. Don’t question your own taste. Someone will probably hate it but someone might love it. Do it for you and hope others share your taste.

n-eight: Favourite tipple and favourite bar?

Abi: Coffee or G&T. The Muswell Hillbilly Taproom is the only place to be.

n-eight: The best place! Okay, you’re up high in a hot air balloon with three others and losing altitude fast. The only way to stop the balloon going down is by chucking someone out. Please tell us why it shouldn’t be you.

Abi: You wouldn’t find me in a hot air balloon, full stop!

n-eight: What’s your favourite film ever and why?

Abi: Salem’s Lot (1979). It was massively influential to me as a child. The atmosphere, the characters, the terrifying moments: rocking chair vampire, Ralphie Glick at the window… It’s perfect. That and Derek Jarman’s Jubilee.

n-eight: Would you say the future’s bright for female film directors in the UK or are women up against it?

Abi: There’s still a long way to go but it’s getting better.

n-eight: Do you like schmoozing or is it like pulling teeth?

Abi: I like meeting people especially if they’ve got banter. I’m not sure whether that counts as schmoozing.

n-eight: Well, that’ll do for now, but before you go, would you like to impart some wisdom on readers?

Abi: Be kind.

n-eight: All the best Abi!

Abi: Thanks! It’s been a wonderful experience.

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