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Our latest live session recorded at The Foundry, Crouch End Studios is out today! This time we were lucky to welcome Lisbon-based musician Filipa Marinho, known as Marinho, to perform a mellow rendition of Ghost Notes, taken from last year’s inspiring, intimate debut album ~.

Take in all the goodness below…

Holding nothing back, Ghost Notes and the other seven tracks on ~ delve deep into explorations of insecurities, change, romance, heartache, transformation, discomfort, instability, self-criticism, self-love, and all that’s in between. The album is poetic, reflective and thoughtful, transcending you as the listener into a meditative state similar to that of Marinho during writing.

We were also lucky enough to have a quick chat with Marinho about the music ‘scenes’ of London and Lisbon, and musical inspiration…

n-eight: Hey! How was you’re short trip to London? (Apart from your visit to see us… we already know that was amazing, right?!)

Marinho: Hahaha yes it was amazing indeed. And the overall trip was way too short. I can’t wait to get back! Always great to be in London and see how the city changes over the years, especially in the music scene.

n-eight: You played The Social while you were here last week. Was that your first time playing in London?

Marinho: Yes it was and it was a great first time.

n-eight: How much fun was it?! The Social’s a cool venue!

Marinho: Right?? What a great venue. Prior to the gig I didn’t know much about it but I’ve come to understand that it’s quite an iconic and pivotal place — and home to the first London gigs of so many my favourite artists — I feel lucky to have debuted there. And the show was much fun with an attentive and welcoming crowd.

n-eight: Definitely, such an amazing venue for a London debut! So you chose to perform Ghost Notes for our live session… such a beautiful track. What was the inspiration behind that song?

Marinho: It occurred to me during a BadBadNotGood show a few years back. I was fixed on the drummer, as I often am during shows, and thought of the analogy between ghost notes (those softer notes in between the main beat of the drums) and subtle signs of a relationship not meant to last. Both are only noticeable if you pay close attention.

n-eight: Wow, I wasn’t expecting that response… I think I’ve fallen in love with the song a little bit more now (which I didn’t think possible!) And it’s from your album ~. Such a cool album name, but I have to ask, where does ‘~’ come from?

Marinho: Thanks! ‘~’ is a symbol mostly used in Portuguese and Spanish languages. For me it was just an out-of-the-box way of symbolising the ups and downs of life, as the album’s songs are my way of coming to terms with this. Everything is temporary and your whole life is a series of up and down moments. I find peace in accepting that.

n-eight: Okay, the name is now even cooler. And that’s a great way of looking at life; it definitely helps in achieving a feeling of contentedness if you have that outlook. Now, I would ask who your musical influences are, but I have a feeling Joni Mitchell features quite heavily… I mean, she is the subject of a whole song of yours!

Marinho: Yes I practically give that one away, don’t I? Haha. Well yeah Joni was for sure a main inspiration, especially during my formative years. And I’d say it’s more about her attitude towards art and life, and not necessarily her sound. Sonically I think I drew more from other artists. But she is probably the best composer of modern music, and I love how she’d probably roll her eyes at someone saying something like that. What a legend.

n-eight: A legend indeed. And what about current artists you’re loving right now?

Marinho: Big Thief, Molly Sarlé, Aldous Harding, Jay Som, Hand Habits…

n-eight: Oooh nice choices! So you’re based in Lisbon, what’s the music scene like out there?

Marinho: It’s booming. The amount of talented DIY artists that popped up in the last years is crazy. Some of my favourites are Monday, Time for T, Afonso Cabral, Maria Reis, Niki Moss, Jasmim, April Marmara… to name a few. Exciting times in Lisbon right now!

n-eight: Sounds brilliant, we’ll have to visit (and check out all of these artists!) Thanks so much for playing a tune for us and chatting. Speak soon!

Marinho: Do visit, I’ll show you around. Thanks for having me!

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