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The latest single from Wilsen is out today. Align comes with only two days until the Brooklyn-based trio release their third album.

The acoustic driven Align contrasts with the majority of the album’s moodiness, opening with a spring-like melody, carried by up-beat guitar and percussion before Wilson’s warm, breezy vocals immerse you in a gentle embrace which remains for the entire song. The same soft, delicate vocals remain present across the album, although take a much more mysterious, complex and atmospheric turn in many of the other tracks, where Wilson’s delicate voice is met with fiery instrumentation, intense and disjointed yet perfectly executed climbing paces, and sounds that ebb and flow, and swell and spiral, before reaching moments of calm once more.

The upcoming album Ruiner, our album of the week, is sure to win your hearts on Friday, sweeping you up into an atmospheric musing of sounds and words that focused listeners surrendering themselves wholly to the music will fully appreciate.

The band, composed of Tamsin Wilson (guitar/vocals), Johnny Simon (guitar) and Drew Arndt (bass), worked with Andrew Sarlo (Bon Iver/Big Thief) who produced, recorded and mixed Ruiner. The record is forty minutes of ambient, stormy, tumultuous compositions.

The gentle quietness of the album is enchanting. Speaking of the earlier single lifted from the album, Feeling Fancy, Wilson described it as “a song for the soft-spoken. Quietness can be mistaken for insecurity while it’s often the opposite – it’s being comfortable in your own presence without needing to be heard at every moment.” Dark, subtle, delicate, reminiscent of lullabies in some areas, yet flawlessly executed and full of strength… the record is captivating. Be sure to check it out on Friday.

Upcoming album Ruiner is out in just two days, Friday 21 February 2020.

Featured photo: C.F. Watkins

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