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Hailing from sunny Kildare, Irish artist April has released new single The Impossible Task of Feeling Complete, making her first wave with delicate vocals, ethereal music, and a powerful message of societal expectations of ‘normal’.

With influences from Jazz, to Blues, to Pop (and a childhood obsession with Hip-Hop), The Impossible Task of Feeling Complete is a complex and alluring track, showcasing April’s unique sound.

The newcomer – labelled ‘one to watch’ by many – has said the song is about “not feeling like yourself”, the comparisons we make of ourselves to others, self-deprecation and misconceptions of what is socially ‘normal’. This universal subject certainly resonates. And whilst lyrically solemn, the melancholy is balanced by music which was, in April’s words, “made to give a feeling of hope”. The light, airy, ethereal music and warmth of the vocals certainly offers hope, and comfort in knowing “everyone feels this way” at one point or another.

April (Photo: Charlie Cummings)

Artwork by Joshua Advincula

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