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Released last Friday, February 21, Spook the Herd is the fourth album from Indie rockers Lanterns on the Lake.

Originally formed in Newcastle in 2007, the five-piece is made up of Hazel Wilde, Paul Gregory, Oliver Ketteringham, Bob Allan and Angela Chan. This latest album champions the anthemic post rock of Lanterns on the Lake’s previous releases, intertwining it effortlessly with their indie-folk take on dream-pop. Melancholic, dreamy vocals from Wilde float above romanticised, heavenly melodies, all woven together with an array of instrumentation, subtly and flawlessly layered to create an album you will not want to press pause on.

Not only is it musically charming, the band’s empathetic messages and passionate commentary on worldly and societal matters remains prominent, as it has throughout their time together. Hailing from the up north, the five-piece have long written about the industrial towns of Britain, the north-south divide, and the troubles faced by the working-class. Awareness and understanding of their surroundings, austerity and social issues have played a part in many of their records.

In the post-Brexit, climate crisis era, the band have already released music predicting the state of the world today; so what does this album offer? Well, it builds on those issues, and takes a personal turn, with Wilde offering compassionate understanding of the connections between the personal and the universal; be it on subjects of grief, the climate crisis, political strife and division, social media, addiction, and mental health, the singer remains empathetic throughout Spook the Herd.

Punctuated by her fellow bandmates on violin (Chang), guitar (Gergory), drums and piano (Ketteringham), and bass (Allan), Wildes vocals and lyricism and the band’s collective message is championed on this album, which is perhaps quieter and calmer musically, but composed, produced and thought-out so maginificently that Lanterns on the Lake are louder than ever before.

Upcoming London shows:

February 24, Rough Trade East, 7pm (full band and signing) – tickets HERE

April 15, Earth, 7pm (supported by Wyldest) – tickets HERE

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