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One for all the overthinkers out there, fast-rising Marsicans’ new single Juliet has got us shaking off our worried minds. Released February 26, it is three minutes of glorious Indie-Pop. As with every tune the band release, Juliet is jovial, infectious and full of hooks you’ll be singing for days, fitting in perfectly to the lads’ portfolio of upbeat, fun music. Take a listen to Juliet below…

James Newbigging opened up about the song, which originated from the frontman sat on his juliet balcony, overthinking about the uncontrollable future, saying the “‘I’m overthinking this’ lyric in the chorus is me telling myself to stop being so stupid and to not dwell on matters that are out of my control, to just enjoy what I’m doing.

Recently signing with Indie label Killing Moon, the band hailing from Leeds have announced their debut album Ursa Major will be released May 22 2020. Juliet is the second release in anticipation of the album, after the earlier single Can I Stay Here Forever (pt. II). Between their unforgettable live shows, charisma in person, online and on stage, and the music they are churning out, it’s really no wonder Marsicans have been tipped as the best new band to come out of the UK this year. Following in the footsteps of some of the greatest Indie bands of the past two decades, this could be the defining year for Marsicans.

  1. Introduction
  2. Juliet
  3. Sleep Start
  4. Dr Jekyll
  5. Summery In Angus
  6. Interlude I
  7. Evie
  8. Someone Else’s Touch
  9. These Days
  10. Interlude II (William’s Poem)
  11. Can I Stay Here Forever (pt. II)
  12. Interlude III
  13. Blood In My Eye
  14. Sunday
  15. Leave Me Outside
  16. Should’ve Been There

Not only have the lads released a new single and announced their album, they’ve also announced a UK album tour during which they’ll be headlining Scala on October 22. With support from Deco and Sad Boys Club, make sure you grab your tickets here.

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