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“These conversations I have with myself…” is the opening lyric of Fenne Lily’s latest single Hypochondriac, immediately introducing a universal subject (or are Fenne Lily and I alone in this eternal internal monologue?), whilst also serving as the moment Lily introduces her deeply personal and reflective new song, displaying a newfound comfortability with listeners.

The Bristol-based artist’s first solo offering since 2018 also marks her debut release on new label Dead Oceans (Phoebe Bridgers, Kevin Morber et al). Speaking of Hypochondriac, Fenne Lily says it touches on the common “pressure to feel enough but not too much in a time of hyper connectivity”, as well as serving as “a personal reminder to be accountable for and have agency over the part of me that gravitates towards meltdown.” Continuing, the 23 years old comments that the single marks “a shift in attention from predominantly relationship-based writing to a more self-reflective dialogue.”

A soft voice with so much strength confesses internal struggles over breezy, bright guitar. The song has you slowly drifting and wandering whilst simultaneously tapping your toes and nodding in agreement with the songwriters much loved vulnerability and honesty. Hypochondriac may be about anxiety and inner turmoil, but the instrumentation and gentle vocals are far from troublesome.

Catch Fenne Lily supporting Lucy Dacus on her European tour, where they’ll be playing Union Chapel on May 1.

Photo credit: Nicole Loucaide

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