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With all that’s going on in the world right now, we’re excited to bring you another live session recorded at The Foundry, Crouch End Studios! After releasing No Time for Love a couple of weeks back, Maki Flow was due to host a special gig this evening in London; but with gigs being (rightly) cancelled globally, and everyone (hopefully!) staying at home, what better time than now to share this?

Take in all the goodness from the comfort of your home (and have a little dance along… you wont be able to help yourself!):

Maki Flow’s first solo release since 2018, the song was released on Casual Jam last Friday. Talking about the song, Maki said:

“Well, the story behind the song is quite unusual. I was in a writing session with some guys I recently met during a songwriting camp at Tileyard (these guys are Ree, Hannah Boleyn and James Newhook). As soon as we started, Hannah said she’s had this idea stuck in her head for a while but didn’t really know how to develop it and she sang the ‘I ain’t got no time for love’ hook. We were all vibing it, so we started from there and then we wrote the song in a few hours. It’s just insane thinking about the fact that that was literally the second session that we had all together, but we connected immediately on every level. I’m so happy I can call those guys friends today and they’re still my favorite people to write with.

Btw, the song wasn’t meant to be for me at first, but after a while the guys asked me how I felt about releasing it as Maki Flow. It was actually perfect for me, because I was going through a very difficult relationship at that time. I just moved to London on my own and I was trying to focus on my career, whilst trying to make new friends and be happy, whilst trying to make my boyfriend at the time happy (he was in Italy) and he wasn’t really making the job easy. That relationship was draining all the energy out of me in a way. I didn’t have time for love, at least not for that kind of love. So yeah, I loved the song and really felt it mine…”

Maki Flow in conversation with n-eight, March 13 2020

Rising up the ranks, and garnering attention worldwide with over 23,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone, 2020 is set to be an exciting year for the soulful artist. Read the rest of our interview with the Rome-raised, London-based singer-songwriter here, and follow Maki through the links below:

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