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We usually focus on the musicians we come across in London, at Crouch End Studios or the millions of gigs we go to (oh how I miss those sweaty, beer-fueled, music-filled mass gatherings) but due to Covid-19 I am currently in Ireland, isolating in the countryside with my loved ones (…ask me if I love them again in two weeks…). Luckily my guitar made it over here with me, and creating a makeshift ‘studio’ has seen innovation reach new heights (to give you an idea, I have attached my mics to table lamps with duct tape due to the shocking lack of mic stands out here on the farm).

All of this time has also given me a chance to get back in touch with the Irish musicians roaming around this underpopulated, rainy isle. Here are a few to take a listen to on your daily commute from your bed to the kitchen and back again…

01. cold water, Uly

Dublin-based Raf Murphy, aka Uly, captures the mentally and emotionally relieving and restorative powers of the ocean on this soothing new track. With gentle vocals, and some beautiful horns coming in, this one will have you yearning for a paddle.

02. Air to Breathe, Dirty Dreamer

The four-piece band Dirty Dreamer, comprised of David O’Connor, Ken McCabe, Lousie Gaffney and Paul Kenny, have taken our breath away with Air to Breathe. Atmospheric, dreamy, hazy… listen now.

03. Hope It Dont, All Tvvins

Dublin-based duo Lar Kaye and Conor Adams have hit with another anthemic tune out now on Faction Records, and we can’t wait to hear what’s to follow from All Tvvins.

04. Dublin London Portland, Hunting Hall

In the artist’s words, the song “represents the wistfully imagined best places where the artist can break from the shackles of small-town Ireland – the ennui, the unproductive routines – and live out his dreams and ambitions”. Procrastination, a prevalent issue in today’s world, is laid bare in this new track from Dundalk native Tim Shearwood’s new project Hunting Hall.

05. Let Go, Tropolis

Following on from the escapism of Oceans Away, Michael Hopkins and Andrew Lloyd – aka Tropolis –  have released Let Go, another slice of emancipation from the shackles of the past and the hold it can have over the mind.

06. Beyond a Vibe, Dreaming of Jupiter

Pop? Electronic? Cinematic? Dublin band Dreaming of Jupiter showcase it all on Beyond a Vibe.

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