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London-based singer-songwriter Lili Caseley has released C’est La Vie via HOAX DIGITAL. Take a listen to the soulful pop tune influenced by her Portuguese and French heritage…

With support growing, from the likes of Music Week, Official Charts UK, BBC Radio 1xtra and BBC Introducing, Lili – hailing from Camden, North London – is making waves.

We got talking to Lili about the new single, her journey in music so far, and got a few tunes to listen to whilst cooped up at home…

Hey Lili! What strange times we live in?! How are you coping with lockdown?

Hey! Yes, very strange! I’m doing okay… adapting to online performances and changing plans. I’m lucky I’m with my family… my sister is adopting a tortoise in a week actually so that will be nice!

I think we could all do with a tortoise to keep us company right now! Congrats on the release of C’est La Vie! How did the song come to life? Talk us through your writing/production process…

Thank you!! I wrote it about a relationship coming to an end, and used a phrase my mum (who is Portuguese and French) used to always say to me: ‘C’est la vie!’ Or ‘That’s life’! It helps you get over things you can’t fix.

A great saying and message! I’ve heard that your Portuguese and French heritage is a big part of your music, and you can certainly hear the influences in the upbeat bass-line of C’est La Vie and in it’s title phrase. You have also said that classical poetry inspires you. What poets/pieces of work particularly?

Rainer Maria Rilke is one of my favourite poets… there’s a book where he writes to a young writer who is looking for advice. He gives me the most beautiful wisdom, and words of encouragement – it’s really amazing. Khalil Gibran too with The Prophet. And the Writings of Van Gogh!

Some great sources of inspiration! Returning to the 21st century, what contemporary artists influence your work?

Many, I love Dua Lipa’s new album! Drake’s albums are full of bangers, Easy Life are amazing live and have great songs too. And I love Octavian, he’s very original… and The Weeknd… and many many more!!

A hard question to narrow down, sorry! But great that you have loads of inspiration – and a great selection to highlight! You’ve had an amazing beginning to your journey in music, earning much deserved praise and support from Music Week, Official UK Charts, BBC Introducing and BBC Radio 1xtra to name a few. How did you get started in music?

Thank you very much. I was always writing from little, then did musical theatre at school, was in a gospel choir, joined a jazz band, then a hip hop group… and then I went full force on my own.

Any words of advice for other artists looking to get a leg up in today’s fast-paced and heavily saturated music industry?

Find your sound, and collaborate with other musicians too and create a community and team to support yourself and them.

Collaboration all the way! So what’s to come next? We know gigs are off the cards for a while *cries*, but any new releases or live streams in the near future?

Haha yes!! *cry* I’m doing some online gigs, one for Jagermeister and Benumu coming up on April 17th, and I just did one for Kwai App in China. Got one also on May 10th for Right Chord Music in support of Nordoff Robins. And then I’ll be releasing a second single!!! I hope!

Woohoo, live streams (and a possible single release!!) As our readers are stuck at home, we were hoping you could give them some tunes to keep them occupied and inspired at this time?


  • Just Fine, Mary J Blige: “a massive banger and is making me feel good at home”
  • Cool, Dua Lipa: “love the melodies and The Weekend type intonations of the vocal”
  • Scared to Live, The Weeknd: “a very nostalgic track… and has a gorgeous melody in the chorus”
  • Save Tonight, Eagle-Eye Cherry: “in my opinion, a classic – and he has a beautiful voice full of emotion… makes me miss my loved ones during this time”
  • 2/10, Tion Wayne ft. One Acen: “love the lyrics haha, and the production is amazing. It’s a fun banger”
  • Elementary, LZEE: “he’s 16 and he’s just released a mad EP, this is one of my favourite songs. I love the music – it makes me feel powerful”

Listen to C’est La Vie here, and keep up to date with Lili Caseley below:

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