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If you’re feeling a little blue about this isolation lark, there are a few ways you could cheer yourself up. A bubblebath… a glammed up Zoom dinner-date with your friends… or blaring Silvertwin out those speakers. The London-based five-piece started the year with a bang, releasing three singles which will have you up on your feet and smiling in no time!

With a popular residency at PinUps (London) prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the band have taken a short break from releasing their music whilst this storm blows over. But they have released a charming video for their latest single Promises, made up of home videos, touching on the new band’s timeless sounds. Check it out below…

We had a chat with Silvertwin from afar, so read on to get acquainted, and find a mini-playlist of megatunes from the band below…

Hey guys! How’s isolation/lock-down/quarantine going for you?

Hi, Isaac and Alicia here! Hard to be separated from the rest of the band at the moment but trying to stay positive and as productive as we can be! 

You released your first few singles at the start of the year – congrats! Is there another coming soon? Or will that be post-coronavirus?

We have plenty more to release but are taking a little break and can’t wait to come back with everything we’ve got to show when the situation has settled a little bit and we can gig again. 

You had a great residency going at PinUps! We know the gigs have been postponed whilst everyone stays home and keeps the country safe, but how was the residency going?

We had a really great first sold out show at PinUps and were gutted to postpone the next ones but are dying to get back as soon as we can! 

We can’t wait for you to be back on stage. You also released a video for your latest single Promises – is it all home videos? We love it! How did you come up with the idea?

We tried to make the video for Ploy shiny and polished but felt Promises called for something more personal. We spent weeks going through old childhood camcorder tapes and shot some new footage with spare tapes we found. We tried to use footage that held sentimental value like birthday parties and holidays.

Really cool, and definitely sentimental and touching. So about the band, how did you guys come together?

We actually all met at different times! We (Isaax and Alicia) met each other one summer during high school and ended up at Uni together. We spotted a french haircut singing Beatles tunes at the local cafe and thought he’s alright *enter Dan*. I (Isaac) decided to put a band together so called upon my classmate Lauric who HAD to be the drummer. Lauric introduced us to our keys player Antonio – one of his high school pals. He’s the hot mysterious one, just ask him. 

Sounds like a beautiful romance. Can see the biopic 50 years from now after chart toppers and world tours: Silvertwin, The Formative Years Back to reality, where did the name ‘Silvertwin’ come from?


Brilliant. Short and sweet! So how does the writing and composing of the songs work within the band?

Isaac writes and composes all of the songs. The rest of the band helps to arrange them for live performances.

Okay, for a bit of fun – can you give us five songs you love and explain why they’re important to you? Give our readers something to listen to whilst dreaming of freedom…

  • Isaac – Silly Love Songs, Wings: “It’s super corny, but a really great pop tune. Played bass along to this song more times than I can remember.”
  • Alicia – Rebel Rebel, David Bowie: “Bowie means a lot to me as he gave me the confidence to choose music over everything. Especially this song makes me want to be on stage every minute of the day. It’s also the only thing that gets me through London’s rush hour tubes.”
  • Antonio – The Ghetto, Donny Hathaway: “What I love about this song is the relentless groove from start to finish as well as Donny Hathaway’s keyboard playing which is especially incredible on this track. This was one of the first Donny Hathaway tunes I listened to and the first of many tunes that really helped me realise what path I wanted to go on in music.”
  • Dan – Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder), The Beach Boys: “Don’t talk obsessed me when I discovered the Pet Sounds album. The way the melody and harmony move is unpredictable and hypnotizing yet instantly powerful and the simplicity of the sentiment evoked in the lyrics make it as universal and human as it is unique and divine.”
  • Lauric – Heartbreak Road, Bill Withers: “One artist that has always meant a lot to me is Bill Withers. I’ve chosen Heartbreak Road on the album ‘Justments because of its beautiful simplicity. Bill always wrote with such honesty. James Gadson played drums and co-produced it and there are a lot of pages to take out of his book. A true master of groove and a servant to the music.”

Well, we hope you’re all staying sane during lock-down, and we can’t wait to see you back on stage once this is all over. Thanks for chatting!

Thanks for your questions! Hope to see you at a gig when things are back to normal! Stay safe.

Find Silvertwin’s music here, and keep up with the gang through the links below:

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