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Marta Casanova, known on stage as MAVICA, has released Send Me to the Water – two songs coming together to express the Spanish artist’s feelings on “realization and the necessity to take a breath and visualize direction”. Talking to us further on the reason for the name Send Me to the Water, MAVICA said “I guess I just needed to come back home and feel connected to the sea again, which always works to get that feeling of freedom.” Take a listen…

Comprised of Ada Road – written at an anxious and uncertain time of moving homes – and No It’s Not – written shortly after as a continuation and confrontation of the issues addressed in Ada Road – MAVICA shared this insight with us about Send Me to the Water: “The songs specifically mean a transition of my sound and vision. I feel like I am evolving and moving towards a different style while discovering myself in so many ways. It’s definitely a beautiful journey, but it’s also full of frustration and insecurities… nobody said discovering yourself was easy right? You can really feel that while listening to the tunes.”

We got talking to MAVICA about her music, which she described as “honest in a naive way, but also soft and relaxing. I love creating textures with my vocals and other instruments.” Inspired by “many different genres”, MAVICA tells us she is currently listening to “South American indigenous folk mixed with electronic music”, going on to say: “I just discovered this new artist called Montoya whose songs literally blew my mind. I am also a big fan of Joni Mitchell, Beatles, FKA Twiggs, Caribou, Justin Vernon…”

Make sure you give Send Me to the Water a listen, and for some more respite from lock-down, here are a few songs MAVICA suggests you listen to…

Quincha, Montoya

You and I, Caribou 

Treasure, Aldous Harding 

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