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Brooklyn-based Caroline Lazar has released her first single of 2020, Take It. A long-distance love song full of emotional longing and themes of isolation all too prevalent in the current pandemic, but obviously feelings that have lived before and will live long after the Covid-19 crisis. Take a listen to the beautiful tune, and get carried away in the gentle vocals…

With vocals and a writing style akin to that of Phoebe Bridgers, Lazar’s voice echoes and aches “I don’t need more than you can give to me, but I would take it, take it all from you”. It’s easy to hear the sadness, to get caught up in the poignant aspects of the song, but the warmth in the love that does exist prevails through Lazar’s lyrics, offering comfort at this poignant time. The 23 year old “southern-grown-cat-mom” and self-proclaimed “sad-indie-folk-girl” based in Brooklyn, NY, says of this latest release: “I wrote about the blessing and burden of loving someone that lives halfway around the world… I was feeling lucky to be in love, but horribly unlucky to be so far away from that person. Take It is a love song through and through, speaking of unapologetic vulnerability in a new relationship.”

We got chatting to Caroline to uncover more, here’s what was said…

How are you coping with the current situation of isolation over there in Brooklyn? What ways are you finding to keep calm/fill your time? (AND how’s your beloved Luna doing?)

I’m hanging in there! I live with two of my best friends and my cat, so I’m not going insane in solitude. I’ve been doing some home workouts, I learned how to play gin rummy, and I just finished binge watching Downton Abbey so that’s kept me pretty busy! Luna is living her best life! I set up a bird feeder outside of our window, so when she’s not sleeping she is harassing the birds in our backyard! 

Sounds like you (and Luna!) are keeping busy! How did you write your new single Take It?

I wrote Take It about knowing when a love is worth jumping through hoops and being patient and flying across the country for. It’s about how amazing it feels to have someone in your life that you feel so much for, and how much it sucks that they can’t be with you. It all came together really quickly. I was sitting in bed with my guitar, feeling lonely but also in love and Take It was born! It’s the first song I’ve written and released that feels hopeful to me. Being with someone that makes you feel valued and like an equal is a fairly new thing for me and I’m very into it. Even if it means lots of traveling to see each other. No matter what life brings it is a reminder of how lucky I am to be feeling this way right now. 

And this is quite on point for the current international situation, in which many are isolating away from loved ones. So, how would you describe your sound for readers who have never heard your music before?

I would say my music has gone through a few different lives. But what I’m doing right now and for the past couple years is rooted in folk music. I like to add modern elements and synths but at the end of the day it’s my version of folk music. Lots of guitar, the occasional mandolin, but the real story lies in the lyrics. 

What or who are your inspirations and influences when it comes to your music?

Growing up my dad played a lot of folk music. Nickel Creek and Alison Krauss are very much the soundtrack of my childhood. Right now I am really inspired by Laura Marling, Julia Jacklin, Maggie Rogers, and Phoebe Bridgers. I think you can hear each of them in my writing. 

I’m generally inspired by emotions and situations that feel so incredibly personal, but that I know other people have gone through. That juxtaposition of feeling special and unique, and yet knowing you are actually just another 20 something trying to figure out how to love really inspires me. 

You grew up in the South – when did you decide to take the jump and pursue music in NYC?

I always knew I would live in New York. My dad is from Queens, and my parents met in the city in their 20s. It has always felt like a rite of passage for me to do my coming of age story here. I love New York, I love the energy and the lifestyle and everyone I’ve met here. But being stuck inside has definitely made me miss having a backyard and a swimming pool and lake within walking distance. 

Is there anything coming up soon for people to get excited about? More music? Anything else we need to know?

There will definitely be more singles released throughout this year! I hope to be playing shows in and around New York as soon as it’s safe to do so, but in the mean time get excited for lots of selfies with Luna on my instagram because that is a large part of my life right now. 

Exciting! And we love the selfies with Luna so no rush… Finally, I was wondering if you could give us five songs you love, and explain why you’ve chosen them (a mini playlist for our readers in lock-down)?

Absolutely!! I actually just made a playlist with songs that have inspired my writing recently, so I’ll take the top 5 from that! 

  • Watering Can, Liza Anne: “This was one of the first singer-songwriters I fell in love with. I found this song freshman year of college and had it on repeat for an entire semester. It resonated so deeply with me, and while Liza Anne’s music has evolved and is amazing, this will always be my favorite of hers.”
  • Would You Rather, Phoebe Bridgers: “I could pick any Phoebe Bridgers song and put it in this place, but this one will always be my favorite off of her first album. The first time I listened to Phoebe I felt like I could just give up songwriting because she said everything I ever wanted to in her music. She’s an amazing writer, and her vocal performances are goosebump worthy.”
  • Baby, Now That I’ve Found You, Alison Krauss: “This song just brings me back to sitting in a booster seat in the back of my parent’s minivan. It reminds me of passing the woods near my house in Atlanta, and throwing Chex mix to try to get the raccoons to come out and say hi. It sounds like playing with the tadpoles in our creek, and picking wild green onions in my neighbor’s backyard. Can you tell I romanticize my childhood?”
  • I Was An Eagle, Laura Marling: “This is my definition of a perfect song. Laura marling is a living legend and has inspired me to dig deep with my writing.”
  • Say It, Maggie Rogers: “Ok I’ll put one upbeat song in this list if you insist!! Maggie Rogers inspires me not only as a writer and artist, but as a public person. I think she carries herself so beautifully in the public eye, and I feel really good about introducing her to young musicians and knowing she’s an amazing example. Plus her songs are bops, she has an unreal voice, and possibly the best performer I’ve ever seen live. Not to talk her up too much..”

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