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Is anyone else in complete disbelief that it is May. MAY. What happened to 2020? Well… we all know. But one thing that is keeping our spirits high is all the amazing music coming out of lockdown. From collaborations, to live-streams, to people singing from their balconies… music truly is healing many, and something that connects us all.

With that in mind, musicians around the world have kept recording, producing and releasing music for us all to get lost in. Here are some new tunes from the past couple weeks you should give a spin…

Lincoln, FIELDS

Dublin-based band FIELDS released their debut album The Silence of Staying In a couple weeks ago, and I’ve been getting swept away in their harmonies and ambient, captivating melodies ever since. Describing their sound as “innately inspired by the character of the Irish heartland – a sleepy and often maligned region, which is wide awake with spirit and charm, bursting at its borders with plots of parochial divide, understated romanticism and quiet malaise”, FIELDS are ones to add to your new favourite artists. Now.

Paradise Gardens, White Poppy

“Paradise is a place within” for Crystal Dorval, aka White Poppy. The British Columbia dreamer’s lush ‘kaleidoscope-pop’ album Paradise Gardens is an ethereal soundscape of mesmerising concepts which will whisk you away on a journey through phantasmagorical worlds. Listen, and get lost in the magic.

It’s Alright, Moylan

We may be collectively going through some tough times right now, but Moylan is here to remind us – with a tune that is both soothing and empowering, and a compilation of heart-warming video clips – that, “It’s alright”.

Night, Kelly Lee Owens

Taken from Owens’ sophomore album Inner Song out August 28th, the Welsh musician and producer has said that Night “speaks as to how feelings and insights are more accessible to us at nighttime; how the veils are thinner somehow, and therefore how we are more able to connect to our hearts true desires”.

Wondering, Anna Leone

A song released in isolation, about isolation. Swedish Anna Leone is no stranger to the feeling, which has lived prior to, and will live long after the current lockdown situation. Leone says of this softly-sung, hazy comeback after a couple of quiet years, “the new songs I’ve written are about isolation but they’re also about healing”… sounds like an LP may be on the cards?

Timshel, JJ Draper

Another musicians to return after a couple years of quiet is London-based JJ Draper, with Timshel. A nod to Steinbeck’s East of Eden, JJ sings “So most sacred a thing / From a line in a book stuck in your head / in bold underlined.” Hushed guitar and gentle vocals, almost whispering in places, Draper has said this is the most stripped back thing we’ll hear from him. We look forward to more to come this year.

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