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As extraordinarily strange as this time is that we’re living in, it’s given me so much more time to discover new music, from fully-fledged artists with millions of fans I hadn’t listened to, right back to grassroots musicians creating art from their bedrooms. One band I came across recently are Bedfordshire and London-based Indie-pop foursome Sunseed.

Formed of Alex, Kat, Maya and Sophia – who bonded over a love of The Smiths and The Cure – Sunseed released their debut EP Demos earlier this year, showcasing their melodic surf-pop aesthetic and contemporary lyrics on five live recordings. This first release promises a youthful sound matched with timeless elements, paying homage to the influence of Indie bands from years and decades gone. Take a listen…

We had a little e-interview with Sunseed to find out a bit more…

Hi Sunseed! Thanks for joining us over the interweb. How’re you coping with lockdown?

Alex (Drums): Hello! I think we’re coping as best we can really. The lockdown has provided us with a good opportunity to look at every non-live aspect of the band; developing our social media for example, writing new material and generally speaking with our fans, other bands. We’ve also been regularly touching base with each other via Skype to bounce ideas around. We’ve all been recording our own demos at home, sending them to each other and sharing our thoughts.

Kat (Vocals): We have just been trying to work with what we’ve got really! It’s been a good time to get a few new songs under our belts and although we can’t gig right now, we’ve been using the time to connect as much as possible with our fans across our social media.

Maya (Guitar): We’ve been sending each other ideas we have each been working on. It’s sometimes quite difficult to find inspiration during the lockdown, but sending each other our ideas is definitely working for us and we’re trying to make the best out of the situation by being as productive as we can.

Your debut release Demos is all live recordings, right? We absolutely love it! What was the writing process like, and why did you choose to release the songs as live recordings?

Alex: Yes, the E.P is a live recording! Being a new band, money isn’t the easiest thing to come by, so it was great to turn a potential financial hindrance into a stylistic and creative advantage! That said, our aim was always to produce a collection of our songs to date which emulate our natural, live sound. We also found that recording live gave the songs much more energy. The tracks are raw and contain minor bluffs and mistakes…but they’re real!

Kat: Cheers! Recording it live allowed us to create a true indie/DIY sound. We never want to sound too polished as that’s just not us! I remember reading somewhere that Oasis only liked their recordings that they done live as they had more energy, so I thought that might work for us too!

It definitely works – love the rawness to it! So when/how did the band form, and where did the name Sunseed come from?

Kat: We formed 2 years ago, through mutual friends and adverts online. We all adore the band ‘The Orielles’, so the name was inspired by their song ‘Sunflower Seeds’, we felt Sunseed was short and sweet and we’ve just kept it ever since.

So as well as The Orielles, who are the band’s biggest inspirations and influences?

Alex: We’ve got such a wide interest in different music throughout the ages! Undoubtedly though, some our greatest influences include The Smiths, The Cure, Lush and Tame Impala. Ride are another band I personally think are superb.

Kat: Without any doubt we are all the biggest indie nerds: As well as The Smiths, The Cure and Tame Impala, we also took inspiration from Arctic Monkeys and The Orielles, and I think all their sound can be heard thought the E.P.

Maya: Echoing Alex and Kat, The Smiths are definitely one of the biggest inspirations for the band! A band that has personally inspired me the most for writing guitar parts recently is The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Such a great mix! To keep our readers happy at home during lock-down, could you give us a few of your favourite tunes to listen to and tell us why you love them?

Alex: Here’s an eclectic mix of only a few of my favourite tunes right now –

1. Lannoy Point, Ride
2. East Of Eden, Dead Can Dance: “superb bass line”
3. Brave Boys Keep Their Promises (peel sessions plus), Teardrop Explodes
4. Sunglasses, Black Country, New Road: “genius”
5. When the Sun Hits, Slowdive: “beautiful and atmospheric”
6. Send me a postcard, Shocking Blue
7. The Glorious Om riff, Steve Hillage
8. Matte Kudasai, King Crimson
9. No Quarter, Led Zeppelin


1. Fresh Air, FLOWVERS: “perfect song for chilling in the sun”
2. All I Want to Hear You Say, Sea Girls: “bit of a bop to shake the lockdown blues”
3. Redstripe Rhapsody, LAUSSE THE CAT: “super atmospheric and reminds you of seshes to come after lockdown”
4. I Could Be Happy, Altered Images: “an indie classic with an awesome bassline”

Maya: Here are some of my favourite songs right now…

1. Ladies, Fiona Apple: “I’m obsessed with her new album”
2. Perfect, Sorry
3. Thank You, White Denim
4. Up The Hill Backwards, David Bowie

Well, Sunseed gave us more than we bargained for and have offered us enough suggestions for a full blown playlist of absolute bangers which you can now play to your heart’s content here:

Keep up with Sunseed through the links below:

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