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You may have seen Cold Water added to our playlist or featured in one of our ‘New Sounds’ roundups. And that’s because we love it, obviously. Lucky for us, Dublin-based artist Uly yesterday released his first music video for the soothing track which focuses on the power of the ocean as a healing force in darker times; a love song to the sea if you will.

The filming process may have been delayed due to the pandemic, but it hasn’t impacted the quality of the video. Directed by Dave Fox and shot by Ronan Nissenbaum, this music video filmed on Kodak Vision3 500T Super 8 is an absolute dream to watch. And I’m not saying that just because of my love for film.

Capturing the song’s lo-fi, relaxed sound in a retro, understated mirage of nautical-based visuals, the lyrcial meaning of the tune is also showcased with ease. Being about the soothing nature of the ocean, especially in times of stress and mental torment, the video focuses on moments of calm: travelling to the sea, immersing the body in the waves, looking out onto the horizon where the blues and greys merge. The moments captured on film serve to emphasise the relaxed, healing vibe of Cold Water, whilst also giving greater insight into the musician himself, seen throughout the video searching for moments of peace, be it making music, staring into the distance, or swimming in shores surrounding Ireland.

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