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Café Spice have returned with their first single of 2020, She Loves and Leaves. Venturing further than their folk roots, the band – from England, Scotland and Ireland – have paved the way on this latest release for a sound verging more on the side of indie-pop.

Opening with a calm rendition of the chorus sung a capella, as with other songs of theirs, their trademark harmonies introduce the song: “she comes and she goes / she never knows / what she wants and what she needs / she loves and leaves…” Commenting on the track’s undeniably rich lyricism, Café Spice said: How can you understand what you want when you’re twenty and so ready to love the world and everyone in it, so ready to lose yourself in somebody else? If you’ve ever been confused about love, nestle down and plug in your headphones – this song is for you. And that sentiment truly is captured in those first twenty seconds.

Shortly after, gentle guitar rises from the fading harmonies, before the tempo picks up and the band introduce a new dynamic to their effortless sound: drummer Sophie Wozencraft. Lifting their trademark harmonies and acoustic folk sound, Wozencraft’s soft stokes lead Café Spice into a new found space.

Café Spice, composed of Niamh Feeney (vocals), Eleanor Lang (vocals and bass) Georgia Gage (vocals and guitar) and Sophie Wozencraft (drums), first arrived on the scene in 2018, and have made huge strides since then, gaining the support of BBC Introducing and BBC 6 Music, and earlier this year supported Sorcha Richardson.

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