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I’ve been wondering where my energy has gone this past week or so, and it seems I have found it in Before Me’s latest single Can’t Sleep. Packed full of powerful vocals and electrifying riffs, bold and emotionally-charged choruses, the Leeds-based band have well and truly arrived with this tune.

It’s a tear-jerker, journeying through the ups and downs of love. Starting soft and slow, with emotional vocals draped across an increasingly bold beat, the intensity builds and we reach punchy, electrifying new territory. Give it a listen…

Taking inspiration from bands such as DON BROCO, The 1975 and Bring Me The Horizon, the band describe their sound as “a synergy between high energy, live band elements and atmospheric electronic textures, combined with hard hitting melodies and lyrics depicting the highs and lows of adolescence.”

Can’t Sleep and the forthcoming Do You Feel have been self-produced by the band, lending them a unique and raw sound. When we asked the lads about the process of writing and producing Can’t Sleep and the upcoming EP, it becomes clear that this new music has been a long time coming: “In terms writing, it was very organic. George wrote the vast majority of these songs in his bedroom over the course of a year, and then the ideas were brought to life in a rehearsal room. In terms of producing, the EP is completely self-produced. Owing to our desire for creative control, we decided to throw ourselves at the task of doing this on our own for the first time. There were a lot of learning curves and kicks in the teeth that we had to endure, and we certainly had some moments of frustration. However, we persevered and whilst the record is not perfect, we are unbelievably proud of the finished product. It feels like a culmination of years of hard work, and is the truest representation of ourselves and how we envisioned Before Me to sound for the years prior.”

It certainly seems the music Before Me is releasing now has been in the works subconsciously throughout their formative years together, and we are now seeing a culmination of those early years, as well as the band striding confidently into new territory. Beginning as childhood friends, and forming bands under many aliases since, the guys told us about how Before Me came to exist: “George (guitar, backing vocals) and Pat (bass, lead vocals) met on the first day of secondary school and have been playing music together ever since. A year or two later, they approached Joe (drums) who also went to the same school and began talking about starting something serious. From 2013-2017 the band played under a couple of different aliases, rehearsing and writing songs together in George’s garage and playing a number of sold out hometown shows. Throughout this period the band consisted of 4 members, but in early 2017 our ex bass player Fintan, decided to part ways with us to pursue another career. From then on, we came to the collective decision to move en masse up to Leeds to study music together and push the new alias and sound we had been crafting. This was the beginning of Before Me.”

Taken from their forthcoming EP Do You Feel out in June, Can’t Sleep will have your head spinning, and you’re heart yearning for more from the trio. Give it a listen, and keep an ear out for Do You Feel.

‘And what’s next for the band?’ you may be wondering? Well, we we’re wondering the same! Before Me told us that they are “well into writing the next record and are pretty much ready to go into the studio when possible. With the songs on, Do You Feel being over a year old now, these new songs capture a serious development in our sound, and the lyrical avenues we are exploring. What’s next for us is to record these new songs and be playing them and the Do You Feel EP live to as many people as possible.” We can’t wait!

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