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Continuing their conversation on the social climate they live in, and well and truly leading the vibrant wave of music currently emerging from Leeds, Mamilah have released their second EP Talk Less. Refreshing neo-soul that’ll have you up and dancing, matched with in-depth meaning which will keep you thinking, Talk Less is “a commentary on a world where it is rare that people truly listen.” So, with that in mind, take a listen…

Giving us some in depth insight to the EP, keys player Ash divulged:

“This EP definitely signifies a point in our musical creation where we began to think more holistically about our songs. We really want each song to take you on a journey of emotions that twists and evolves. Thematically, we live in such an unusual time that it would be impossible for our music to not be affected by that. A lot of our songs are about political injustice, inequality, mental health and understanding your place in the world. The songs convey quite an upbeat feel on the whole and that’s because we believe that community, happiness and kindness are the antidote to so much of what we see as wrong with the world. Upon first listen to the music you probably just think they’re a good bop, but a few listens more unveils the deeper meaning.

We recorded this EP in Greenmount Studios in Leeds, which is the most beautiful studio! The team working there completely got what we were going for and we had so much fun doing it! It really brought something special to the music to be able to run the recordings through tape machines, use Rhodes pianos and old organs and to rummage through boxes of tambourines until we found that was just right.”

Ash, Mamilah

Describing their sound as “jazz and latin infused soul”, Mamilah told us they “take inspiration from traditional Soul and Motown, and fuse it with really contemporary neo-soul and indie soul”, further stating: “We really care about the arrangements of our music- if the guitar & bass are getting a bit dark then we want the horns to be ethereal. If the lyrics are really contemplative, we want the groove to keep pushing you forwards.”

And on the formation of Mamilah, the band said: “We all met in our first year of University at Leeds College of Music, but didn’t start playing music together until almost a year later. We got together to write some songs for a uni project, and ended up playing a gig and then it kind of spitballed from there to a point where we were playing 2 gigs a week and started to think about releasing music! 3 years down the line we’re super excited to be releasing our 2nd EP, which really feels like our most well rounded, matured and fully fleshed out body of work so far!”

When we moved on to talk about what inspires the band, it seems the city in which the band was formed and are based holds a special place in their hearts: “We are so inspired by everything that goes on around us in Leeds. There’s such a wonderful sense of community, playfulness and caring for one another and the world. There’s a wonderful DIY music scene that embraces trying out new things that may be a complete fail or the best night of your life. Think basement venues packed out by 30 piece Sun Ra inspired bands decked out in glittery dresses and tin foil, where there’s as much band as there is audience (Ferg’s Imaginary Ra Band at Hyde Park Book Club). And not for profit magazines that just genuinely want to share all the good things that are going on creatively in the city (Nice People Magazine) That is a very inspiring atmosphere to be in!” As more and more bands and musicians emerge from Leeds, taking to big stages and filling radio playlists, it appears the city really does nourish it’s homegrown creative talent. And Mamilah are well and truly among the front runners if Talk Less is anything to go by. The EP is an explosion of sounds, whilst allowing space for reflection and thought.

“We don’t want you to Talk Less, just listen more” is the lasting sentiment from Mamilah, who wish to “leave the mind wondering long after your toes have stopped tapping.” And that’s just what the group do.

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