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Composer Rollo Raphael unearths music from the world of film and video.

The ominous nature of the Covid 19 crisis has conjured up memories of a much underrated jewel of a film from 2015. Robert David Mitchell’s stylish and chilling It Follows centres around a group of teenagers (led by Maika Monroe) who when infected are followed ceaselessly by a mysterious, tall, nightmarish figure. At one point the group decide to drive to the coast where they believe isolation will bring them safety. Danger lingers in the air and while life continues to look as normal around them, the feeling of foreboding and anxiety grows.

Set in nameless suburban America and with no historical time frame (costume and props indicate anytime between the 1980’s and the near future) the film’s synth laden score evokes a future-retro atmosphere that perfectly encapsulates the curious visual aesthetic. Composer Disasterpeace (Richard Vreeland) combines fuzzed out digital synths with pulsating bass and 80’s influence pad sounds to create a unique and timeless score. Fans of Stranger Things will appreciate the nostalgic chord changes and sweeping arpeggiators. Elements of 8-bit retro game music are also clear ingredients of Disasterpeace’s sonic landscape. No surprise he also composed the soundtrack to immensely popular indie video game Fez

It Follows might not help your anxiety levels during this time, but it’s a truly entertaining modern horror masterpiece with a mesmerising soundtrack. Make sure you watch the background closely…

Take a listen to Jay by Disasterpeace (from the soundtrack to It Follows):

It Follows is available to watch on Netflix.

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