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Easy Tiger, Flyte

London-based Flyte recently released Easy Tiger, along with a video worked on during lock-down with British director Mark Jenkin, who said of the video for Easy Tiger: “The challenge was to make something that felt amorphous – to create something that has a tactile feel to it, is a single artefact, something that feels like a found film and something that is timeless, abstract and unidentifiable in some ways. For me, what’s exciting is those limitations – this is where my strength is, the great unknown.” Lead singer Will Taylor goes on to say: “When I wrote Easy Tiger I was exorcising shame, heartbreak, jealously; almost impossible emotions to process, I almost regretted writing it. There’s a darkness and an emotional brashness to Mark’s work that suited the song perfectly. It would have been hard to trust anyone else with it.”

Sorceress, Jess Williamson

The Texas singer-songwriter’s fourth album moves on from her 2018 release Cosmic Wink, which was about “naively trusting in synchronisticity and magical thinking” according to Williamson. Instead, Sorceress is grounded on Earth. Still mystical in nature, but wiser: “Yes, there’s a little magic in my hat/But I’m no sorceress”.

Live Vol. 1, Parcels

After watching Australian five-piece Parcels from a seminar room window at Somerset House last summer, it was hard not to fall even more in love with the band. A fixture on the office playlist where I used to work, I loved their music, but didn’t have full appreciation for the band until I saw them live. Recorded prior to lockdown, Parcels Live Vol. 1 from Berlin’s Hansa Studio (think 1970s Bowie) looks as sharp as the band sounds, providing a visual display of Parcels’ musical chemistry.

To The Earth, Dinosaur

The jazz four-piece’s third album celebrates ten years of making trumpet-led magic together. Mercury-nominated Dinosaur is made up of Laura Jurd (trumpet), Elliot Galvin (piano), Conor Chaplin (double bass) and Corrie Dick (drums). As captivating as ever, give the album a listen. Stand out track? Banning Street Blues.

Yesterday Kids, The Valmonts

Irish four-piece The Valmonts released their video for last month’s new tune Yesterday Kids, reminding us of life before lockdown. Infectious pop-rock which will be stuck in your head. Give it a listen!

Lost in the Thick of It, The Coronas ft. Gabrielle Aplin

The Coronas – the band with the most unfortunate name of 2020 (they said it!) – have teamed up with Gabrielle Aplin for a breathtaking duet. The fourth single from the band’s upcoming album, Danny O’Rielly and Aplin harmonise beautifully on this wistful tune. O’Reilly said of the making of the song: “Gabrielle and her partner, Alfie (Hudson Taylor) invited me to their home in Brighton last year for a weekend of hanging out. We said we might try to write a little but it was more like a mini-holiday in my mind. We wrote a song together on which Gabrielle sang lead vocals that became Lost in The Thick of It and I loved the demo so much I suggested adding my vocal in a lower octave and making it a duet.” And wow, we’re glad they did.

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