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There must be something in the Welsh water, because here comes yet another promising band from the mountainous land: five-piece Twin Stranger, led by frontman Alex McConnachie. Late last week, the band released their new single Crushed. Take a listen…

Following their debut single Tears of Joy, Crushed offers further promise. At just over two minutes long, Twin Stranger have demonstrated with ease the magic that can be made without overworking a song with unnecessary lengthening. Brevity is difficult to achieve, but beautifully executed here. Jumping straight in with a punchy hook, the sonic landscape of bass, guitar and drums is uplifting throughout, juxtaposing the darker meaning to the lyrics.

Describing the track, McConnachie provided a two-fold meaning, saying it’s “about realising that some people you know just love listening to the sound of their own voice and other people’s troubles and feelings and life troubles only really enter their mind for a split second, then they’re gone again”, before going on to provide a lighter take on the tune: “it’s also about summer time when you’re a teenager, the days blend into one and you’re just hanging out with your friends without a care in the world, just living in the moment.”

Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Alex is joined in the band by multi-instrumentalist brother Liam and his friends Josh Newington (bass), Joe Tobin (keys) and Eric Karvik (drums). Keep up with Twin Stranger through the links below:

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