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After releasing No Time For Love in March through Casual Jam Records, Rome-raised, London-based artist Maki Flow has today dropped Easy on Me. Continuing to divulge personal moments of her life, Easy on Me is akin to reading the songwriter’s diary as she paints the picture of her journey to self-love. Take a listen…

Produced by upcoming EDM act Ree, Easy on Me sees Maki fuse influences from R&B with a garage groove. It’ll have you up and dancing, whilst simultaneously diving deeper into the emotionally-charged vocals and narrative lyricism which is subtly tinted with irony in areas: “I don’t want to meet my exes in my dreams, trying to remember me how complex I can be”.

With a large and growing audience, Maki Flow is making waves, continuing to work with esteemed international producers and releasing tune after tune that find their way onto editorial playlists and into the hearts of many. Maki’s second single of 2020, following on from No Time for Love (check out our live session below), this new music marks the singer’s personal and artistic growth over the couple of years, and offers great promise of what’s to come.

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