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Another six to keep you busy, this time taken from our weekly Monday Mixtape (really it’s ’31 songs to spin now, but here is a bit more information about six of the tracks’… but I have been advised that headline isn’t as catchy, so here we are). Our Monday Mixtape is updated every Monday, so make sure you follow for a fresh mix of new and old songs every week:

Without further ado, here are our six to spin now if you don’t have 1 hour 49 minutes to spare…

Begin Again, Nick Mulvey

The title track from Nick Mulvey’s upcoming EP Begin Again out June 5 via Fiction Records. Mulvey’s first release since the beautiful In the Anthropocene last year – pressed on vinyl made of recycled plastic found on the shores of the UK – and the songwriter’s first EP since 2018, Begin Again marks a turning point for Mulvey who says: “I see chaos but I also see the opportunity for a new world, and a more beautiful one. We are living through an incredible shift. The old ways are dying, right before our very eyes. In a way, my songs are songs of the new ways coming through.”

Tomorrow I’ll Try, Heaven Honey

Hailing from Hawai and based between in Nashville, TN and Bloomington, IN, Heaven Honey (Jordan Victoria) has released Tomorrow I’ll Try, a track about the feeling of being stuck but continuously trying to make something better: “I’m a weary passenger and you’re my worn down car / we’ve gone round in circles but we’ve never gone that far...” Speaking of the single, the artist said that she’d been working on the track for a year: “I’d been wanting to put it out for a hot minute and it’s been a long time coming, but now is probably the perfect time for this song to no longer belong to me. Coincidentally, the lyrics pair well with the chaos that recently devoured our daily lives. I’m happy to have this song as a reminder to keep pressing forward.”

Life World, RG Lowe

Veering from years of success in the world of neo-classical music with his band Balmorhea, RG Lowe made a successful solo debut in 2017. Three years on, Lowe returns with his new album Life of the Body, “a wide-angle collection of songs inviting us to reconnect with ourselves and our world through our senses by illuminating our intrinsic connection with the physical world and the freedom found therein” whereby Lowe asks us each to “feel the wind blow on your face, camerado.” Listen and fall in love with the sounds of RG Lowe.

Far Away, STACEY

Dreamy pop from Toronto based singer-songwriter STACEY, the artists says of the tune: “Far Away is a dream escape from the vast darkness and sadness of the world. I wanted to provide the listener with whatever comfort and understanding I could — and a break from reality. While it feels very strange to release music at this time, it also feels like the right time to send out offerings of healing.” Elegant, timeless, emotive… give it a spin.

Monty Python, Connie Constance

Watford-born Connie Constance has returned with this Indie-Pop anthem, led by guitar riffs, lo-fi drums and synths, and dressed with the songwriter’s unmistakable vocals as she confidently sings, “I know you wanna take me home”. Unvarnished, raw, and embodying the ethos behind her new, self-made label Jump The Fence, Connie has said of the venture that it’s  “all about taking the risk, pushing yourself; having no fear and just going for it.” Exciting things to come…

One Time Villain, Coco

Anonymous creative project Coco’s hypnotic tune One Time Villain is both bold and subdued. And with little context on the creators, it seems the layered track is being allowed to speak for itself.  The ambiguous artists commented: “Coco is not about who we are; it doesn’t magnify our personas. We choose to share this music with the world anonymously because we want Coco to be solely and truly about the music. We want the songs to speak for themselves, to be received in pure form by the listener alone.” We’re intrigued… and left wanting more music to explore.

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