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Composer Rollo Raphael unearths music from the world of film and video.

A loud mouthed New York jeweller (Adam Sandler) makes a high stakes bet in pursuit of a windfall of a lifetime. Love him or hate him, Sandler drives the narrative of Uncut Gems forward at dizzying pace. Like the coke-fueled protagonist, the film’s buzzed up energy keeps you hooked throughout. 

Somewhat reminiscent of 80’s caper films such as Married to the Mob, directors the Safdie brothers cleverly employ the synth wizardry of local New Yorker Daniel Lopatin to add the 80’s genre film atmosphere. Better know as his Avant-Grade electronic moniker Oneohtrix Point Never, Lopatin has long established himself as a favourite for cross pollinating art, technology and electronic music culture in his own unique style. The fuzzed out synths of Uncut Gems build an atmosphere that, though initially feels detached, begins to imprint a refreshing style to the film where it might otherwise lack. Though ambient leaning, to me the texture of the music conjured up memories of Lopatin’s earlier work as one half of the excellent electronic duo Ford and Lopatin.

Take a listen to Lopatin’s score for Uncut Gems

Shouty diamond traders might not be your bag, but Uncut Gems will keep you delirious until its very sudden end. Available to watch now on Netflix…

Photo: Daniel Lopatin by Mary Kang

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