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Do you remember way back when you were a little child, the adults always saying “silence is golden”? Well, the same rings true for music. Someone once told me the most powerful moments in music are the silences; the muted seconds in which emotion swells. Ever since, I have been obsessed with these moments; finding them in music… translating them into my own creations. Well, Winnie Raeder has captured this in her latest release A Quiet Way.

The Danish musician’s new self-produced track offers a moment of calm. A dreamy soundscape of hushed pianos interwoven with Raeder’s synthesised vocals, ranging from whispers, to fading emotions, to fleeting bold words and harmonies. Delicately singing of acceptance; acceptance of an everlasting love you will have for someone after a relationship has come to a close. Loving someone in “a quiet way”.

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