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Composer Rollo Raphael unearths music from the world of film and video.

The third series of the BBC’s huge television hit Killing Eve ended this week on another cliffhanger. The frenetic spy/assassin show mixes quick whit, bold fashion and plenty of violence to create a stylish cocktail. Pulpy editing throws back to highly stylised vintage 70’s movies as it exudes all the seductive qualities of international espionage.

Music supervisors Catherine Grieves and David Holmes (the best producer in the world according to Noel Gallagher) select a memorable soundtrack throughout all 3 series. David Holmes also composes much of the original score as one third of Unloved. Sounding somewhere between cult favourite Warp Records artists Broadcast and a band you might hear in the corner of a bar in the town of Twin Peaks, their reverberant guitars and bewailing vocals make for a highly atmospheric sonic accompaniment. The female voice of the soundtrack pulls together the triangle of Killing Eve‘s three female protagonists, and clever lyrics subtly prop up the scenes rather than distract, as they so often do. It’s also fantastic to hear the densely heavy but warming sounds of one of the UK’s most underrated guitar bands Archie Bronson Outfit, who’s music plays a key role in the the opening episode of the series. 

Killing Eve may have been a success for its clever script and brilliant performances (Jodie Comer in particular) but its bold cinematic soundtrack takes the show into far greater depths.

Take a listen to Unloved’s Sigh:

Killing Eve is available to watch now on BBC iPlayer:

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