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English Teacher

You Won’t Believe How Beautiful She Is When It Has Snowed

Vocalist and songwriter Lily Fontaine of Leeds-based English Teacher explores her relationship to her hometown of Pendle on this latest tune from the band: “Moving to a city for university forced me to reflect on how my experience of growing up in and around Pendle, witnessing the social, economic and political issues that exist around it in juxtaposition with the beauty of the landscape and the characters that live within, has shaped me into the artist and person that I am. I think some of my own issues about self-worth stem from the experiences I had growing up as one of the only black faces in my town, but I also think those experiences fuelled a desire in me to be active in educating myself in and opposing the intrinsic and historical racism in our society and the wider world.” All proceeds from the single go to community bail funds for Black Lives Matter protesters in the US. More here.

Our Krypton Son

White Sun

From Derry, Northern Ireland, Our Krypton Son (Chris McConaghy) has released White Sun, the lead single from his forthcoming third album Modern Ruins, out July 7th. McConaghy said of the track: “White Sun is a poem of nothing. Shafts of light on a reservoir. Shafts of sun reddening the gills, burning behind the earlobes, years ago when you were a child. Memories of chips wrapped in obituaries, slices of watermelon dropped in the sand like sopping downturned grins suggest a limited future but then the white sun rises in the morning and anything is possible.”

Bleeding Heart Pigeons

Bubble Boy

The opening track from Limerick-based Bleeding Heart Pigeons’ second LP Stir, Bubble Boy is a well-executed, slowly evolving track which packs a punch. Drum-led, the layering of sound peaks in the final minute or so, leaving us with a powerful composition we want to press replay on time and time again. Composed of Mícheál Keating (vocals/guitar), Cathal Histon (synths/backing vocals) and Brendan McInerney (drums/backing vocals), give Bleeding Heart Pigeons a listen.

Sports Team

Long Hot Summer

Sports Team have brought forward the release of their forthcoming debut album Deep Down Happy to THIS. FRIDAY. You heard it. June 5th is the day you get to hear all 12 tracks from the Cambridge-formed six-piece led by frontman Alex Rice. Originally to be released in April, the release was pushed back to June 12th. But tweeting “Moving album to next Friday. Probably got enough cassettes by now I reckon.”, it seems the band is ready to rock. Take a listen to their latest single Long Hot Summer taken from the imminent riot to come this Friday.


Bare Bones

Carefully layered and beautifully composed, Bare Bones is the latest track from London-based producer BLOOMS, released via Skin on Skin Records. This one takes some intense listening through your best speakers to really get under it’s skin… or to it’s bare bones, so to speak (pun 100% intended). And through all of this, the blend of electronica and pop retains clarity, highlighting the producer’s talent, and allowing the breezy vocals to glide seamlessly throughout.

Katie Von Schleicher


Okay, so this is an album = 13 songs. But it’s well worth a long listen when you’ve next got 37 minutes and 53 seconds to spare. For now, give Brutality a listen. Brooklyn-based Katie Von Schleicher drew inspiration from Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo (1958) on this latest album, lending a moody, Indie-rock interpretation to the classic thriller. Speaking on the influence of Vertigo, Von Schleicher has said: “I saw it again in 2018 at a tender, sensitive time when I was trying to process stuff that was going on in my life. It struck me so differently than it had the first time around. Vertigo to me the first time was a great mystery. But when I saw it this time, it just felt like it was about domestic abuse and manipulation, and the unintentional nature of it. My attempt to understand it would be the guiding principle for the album when I wrote it.”

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