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With a depth of knowledge behind her (anyone else jealous they didn’t study ethnomusicology?!), and heaps of experience performing and collaborating with the likes of Tirzah and Toro y Moi, Elan Tamara’s recently released single My Eyes seamlessly crosses genres and offers glimmers of hope in an otherwise heavy time.

Tamara returns after a three year break from solo releases with a gem boasting of the North London native’s songwriting talents. With the familiar theme of long distance relationships taking centre stage, the singer touches upon an array of feelings, flickering between highs and lows, all the while retaining clarity. Elan Tamara makes songwriting appear effortless – a talent in itself.

The rich soundscape, inspired in the artist’s own words by “Afro Cuban music, Steve Reich, Brian Wilson and Balinese gamelan” is enhanced by the power of collaboration on My Eyes, with Georgia on percussion and Kwes on bass. Showcasing Tamara’s colourful musical journey thus far, and promising much more to come, give My Eyes a listen.

Released via Bokkle, the label set up by producer Kwes (Loyle Carner/Solange).

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