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Coach Party

Party Food

Isle of White four-piece Coach Party have released an irresistible EP aptly named Party Food – yum! Six tunes as infectious as they are witty, try not to fall in love with this charasmatic bunch. The self-described “beige indie band with cracking personalities” are 100000% ones to watch.


Velvet Ditch

UK-based producer and artist Hugo Brijs has returned with his second single of 2020, Velvet Ditch. Part pop, part psychedelic rock, the track was written whilst living in an old mansion under a guardianship scheme. Inspired by his new home’s rural surroundings, and a move away from the fast-paced London life, Brijs has said “Velvet Ditch is about recognising the moment when you become so comfortable you stop moving.” Anyone ready for a change? Take a listen!

Al Moses

Gutter Rock Moxie

There’s no denying Al Moses are LOUD. The four-piece rock band from South Wales have already released one intense single this year – He Truly is the Son of God – with Gutter Rock Moxie being the second. One of the first tunes the lads wrote back in 2016, it radiates pure rock and roll. The spirit and sound of this band is infectious. Press play…


never see

A trap beat is cut short by otta’s vocals lulling you into a false sense of calm, before the repetitive chorus kicks. The beat oscillates whilst otta’s spoken-word-esque vocals punch in and out of the mounting claustrophobia. The oppressive production leaves us with 1 minute 55 seconds of hypnotic, terrifyingly genius sounds from a musician subverting ‘rules’, and creating whatever she wants. Uncomfortable to listen to? Yes. But you won’t be able to stop. otta shines the light on YOU in never see. Forcing you to look within, to question yourself. And to answer yourself.


So Late

The third single from Patawawa’s upcoming debut album Power Up, this tune is pure Disco Funk. Beth Garrett, Sam Wilmot and Rory Lovatt bring all the good vibes and summer sunshine we could wish for in the upbeat single So Late. Give it a spin and we promise you’ll be up having a boogie and loving life!


The Prettiest Curse

Confidently embracing pop, the Spanish quartet Hinds have created a fusion of styles and taken a giant leap into a new chapter for the band on latest album The Prettiest Curse. A notable and bold transformation from the bands beginnings in 2011, Hinds also introduce more of their Spanish culture into their sound, flickering between English and their native language. Listen now.

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