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Take a listen to our latest Monday Mixtape (and give it a follow on Spotify for a new mix each week)!

Some of our stand out tracks on this week’s playlist are from…

Lani Rose

Lani Rose is an up-and-coming Indie-Pop singer, whose emotive single Dead and Gone – released earlier this month – asks whether it’s “wrong to wanna be held close before I’m dead and gone?” Touching on a subject currently sending waves of emotion around the globe, Rose spoke about the death of George Floyd in an Instagram Live, saying “growing up in St. Louis, seeing the Mike Brown situation take place our schools got shut down with such an outcry. And afterward, there was so much hope that this would be the thing that would pull everyone together.  I didn’t realize the amount of time it takes for communities to come together and rally against injustice… I was 15 when Mike Brown happened and I’m 21 now [with George Floyd]. I love the fact that so many people are calling for unity and calling for justice to be brought and evil to be brought to the light.” Give the self-produced track a spin for greater insight into Lani Rose’s thoughts.


Hailing from the West Coast of Ireland, NewDad are an alternative rock band with hints of Shoegaze in their jingling melodies and hazy vocals. Opening with the chorus “Did you Cry for me? / Because I cried for you / And now my head hurts / But my heart feels much worse”, their latest single Cry is a wistful tune of desire and longing. From the band: “Our sound reflects our personality; fun, easy- going and desperately trying to sound cooler than we are. Influenced by The Pixies, Slowdive & Chapter House, the band also want to make one thing very clear: “As far as we know none of us are actually dads… yet.” Give them a spin!

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