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So many good new sounds, so little time to hear them all! Well, if that’s a struggle for you, here’s six you should spin. Right. Now.


People thought my windows were stars

Love it for so many reasons, one of them being that deathcrash have given us FIFTEEN MINUTES (!) of music in one video. Legends. This latest release from the London four-piece is truly captivating. Samples from an American Counselling Association video are woven between swelling melodies, slowly fading in and back out again as the guitars pick up, cuing the gentle, meandering vocals of Tiernan Banks. Haunting and heavenly, it’s a new favourite. Click here to find the band on Spotify, and make sure to follow the band on Instagram (link below).


sick inside

Another confessional from the South London-based artist who has said this song is about her experience in the music industry, a “male-dominated toxic environment”, according to otta. With lyrics as simple yet emotive as “I’m sick of being sad”, this lofi tune is getting us all excited for the upcoming EP songbook.



So uplifting we could close our eyes and imagine we’re at one of those many festivals that have sadly been cancelled this year, Roosevelt has captured our hearts once again with Sign. The German producer (real name Marius Lauber) has returned with his first new single since 2018’s album Young Romance, “paying homage to early house and vintage pop”.

Kelsey Lu

Morning Dew

“Love can cure us, Love can destroy us and like Nature, we’re constantly in communion with it.” Vocalist, cellist and producer Kelsey Lu’s latest release Morning Dew reminds us why we love the musician and the music. Her singular style is described by friends as “Lu-thereal”; Lu really cannot be categorised, her classical training fusing with folk, jazz, pop and blues to create a sound that could only be Kelsey Lu.

Love Fame Tragedy


With the announcement of debut album, Love Fame Tragedy has released 5150, named after the Californian Law Enforcement code used to protect those who are a threat to themselves. Murph, guitarist and lead singer of The Wombats, said of this single released through his solo project: “5150 refers to the California law code for individuals who present a danger to themselves or others due to signs of mental illness. In this case it refers more to how I occasionally feel a need to escape, regardless of the repercussions.”

Spacey Jane


After a few years of waiting (not so patiently), Aussie band Spacey Jane have released their debut album Sunlight. From festival-ready bops, to anthems, the gritty guitar led tunes, their first full-length has it all, including some more contemplative songs, like Booster Seat: “And if it wasn’t for that time in the taxi, when you called it out, you said it was anxiety,” sings Harper.

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