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After opening up about a traumatic kidnap and rape experience in an essay posted April 5th on duffywords.com, Duffy has release River in the Sky on Instagram, simply saying “For the better days to come, Duffy”.

The raw, emotive power of the lyricism is unarguable: “I see the sadness in her eyes / she knew the tears would always come and go / like a river / like a river in the sky.” Take a listen…

A decade since 2010 album Endlessly, the Welsh songwriter has returned on her own terms after discussing great fears of returning to music:

I would also worry about coming back to music and the risk of constantly facing the question of “what happened”, “where did you disappear to”, “why did you vanish”, “what have you been up to for so many years”. I could not imagine fabricating some story, that I had been rowing across the world’s seas, I would have had to lie, and I couldn’t lie. So, between fears of not being able to emotionally withstand speaking, not being able to lie, and concerns of inheriting a stigma that could affect my future personal life, I would decide to not speak at all, remain vanished, or to daydream of reinventing myself forever.

Rape stripped me of my human rights, to experience a life with autonomy from fear. It has already stolen one third my of life. Deep down I do know it would have been a shame and done such an immense disservice, to my existence, to just delete myself and forget what I had experienced in music publicly.

It was also not just my burden, so many others lived with the big question too of “what happened”. The record label, live agents, promoters, publicists, musicians, stylists, hairdressers, make-up, lighting, production, crew, people I would meet, people I once knew. No one, utterly no one, knew what happened. It kept me removed from those I could actually trust. Mostly I did not want to trouble anyone else with what I had experienced.

The final catalyst of wanting to talk was unusual I think, what really finally made me go “I just can’t bear the weight of this anymore”. It was so simple but so profound, what would be the catalyst to make me un-trap myself.


Duffy’s second track since 2010, after sending a song titled Something Beautiful to Jo Whiley (BBC Radio 2) in March, you can stream new ballad River in the Sky on Instagram now.

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