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Here are six new tunes you should spin in the sunshine. Like, now.

Joy Oladokun ft. Tim Gent


The chaos of the world is quelled by Joy Oladokun’s quiet and reflective new single mercy, taken from the upcoming album in defense of my own happiness (volume 1). Money goes head to head with what really makes life worth living on this track which features Tim Gent for a verse: “I keep trying to take my money to the grave / Somebody’s going to make my money someday.” Originally from Arizona before heading to LA, Oladokun has finally found her musical home in Nashville, and it shows in her passion for telling a story. Listen to mercy now.

White Sea

Fake Cry

LA-based former M83 member Morgan Kibby has returned with Fake Cry, a new single released through her solo project White Sea. Haunting and leaving us wanting more, the producer who has worked with artists from Harry Styles to Lady Gaga has us gripped with White Sea’s first new offering since 2017.



This fourth single from the Brazilian musician’s upcoming third album Endless Space (Between You & I) delivers a hazy dream-pop soundscape in its pretty melodies and gentle vocals. The song is about “being ghosted” according to Winter, who added “It’s not cool how that people can be treated in such a disposable way.” Give Healing a spin!


Young Tonight

London-based alt-pop musician Fergus has released Young Tonight, a song about leaving the past in the past, new beginnings and positivity.  A classically trained musician with an ethereal voice, Young Tonight is full of beautiful harmonies weaving their way through a soundscape of percussion, guitar, and optimistic beats, encapsulating the tune’s uplifting and freeing meaning. It was also quite fittingly released on the Summer Solstice. Take a listen.



From South London, Mysie delivers a fusion of sounds on her latest single Gift. From dreamy soundscapes to Jazz infused percussion, a hook that we can’t get out of our heads, and influence from N.E.R.D to her Ugandan heritage, Mysie has again delivered a unique and experimental sound. With a DIY fish-eye video made in lockdown to accompany the song, it’s definitely worth a spin AND a watch!

BB Sway

Up in the Air

London-raised, Hong Kong-born bb sway returns with Up in the Air. A soothing, bedroom-pop antidote in these uncertain times, bb sway’s delicate vocals are matched by calm electronics. We could all do with a bit of patience and self-care, so give bb sway a listen.

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