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Here are six new tunes you should spin this week.

Was Man

Season 3, Episode 11

Was Man, the solo project of Dublin singer-songwriter and Let’s Set Sail member Warren McCarthy, has released his debut single; an acoustic-folk tune inspired by his favourite episode of The Sopranos (i.e. the one where Chris and Laurie get lost in the woods). What a beauty of a debut release!

Max Leone


Back with his fourth single of 2020 is rising lofi-pop artist Max Leone. Change is hard, and is something Leone deals with on this new single as he stresses “you’ve changed and it sucks” before reaching the realisation “No, I don’t know you anymore.” With a music video made by Leone and his sister while quarantining at home in Portland, it’s a gem!

Meadow Meadow


From their forthcoming self-titled EP, out 19th August, Meadow Meadow have released breezy new track Fireworks. The duo, former Spring King members Peter Darlington and James Green, have said they are “creating a parallel universe where both of our experiences come together to form a new perspective or story. This began with ‘Fireworks’ as it was the first time that we both sang the lead vocal, which has since become an important element for us. It can be nice to write a set of lyrics and hear the other person singing them. It can offer insight and add a new dynamic to the intended message, bringing the words and the experience that lead to the words to life in a new way.” Give it a listen. Now.


been a minute

Taken from Leyma’s EP tomorrow’s almost over out 24 July, been a minute is as addictive as a summer tune can be. With an animated video made in lockdown by Maisie Charlton, East London’s Leyma has hit all the right notes with this latest release and we can’t wait for the  songwriter, vocalist, and producer’s EP to be out.

Jeremy Schmett


LA based singer-songwriter Jeremy Schmett has released his emotive debut single Justice. “On June 1st I was supposed to start promotion for my debut single but given the state of the world, it felt gross to self promote. Instead I stayed up all night writing and producing a different song, Justice.” All streaming proceeds go to the Bail Project, “an organization aimed at combating mass incarceration in the United States.” Press play!

Bear’s Den & Paul Frith

Fuel On The Fire – Fragments

Bear’s Den have shared details of their new studio project Fragments, due to be released on 18th September. A collaboration with composer Paul Frith (The xx and Radiohead), the band released a reworking of Fuel On The Fire, newly arranged for the album. Speaking on the project, they said: “Fragments was an idea born out of our friendship and numerous collaborations with Paul Frith over the last 10 years. On every record we’ve ever made, Paul has come in and recorded beautiful horn arrangements and helped to push our songs into a more orchestral and cinematic landscape. The idea for Fragments was the idea of both Kev and I letting go and entrusting Paul to break our songs into pieces and build them up anew, focusing on different aspects to them, finding ideas perhaps overlooked before and by writing whole new orchestral arrangements around those fragments of ideas.” Who else is excited for September?!

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