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Any anxiety we have been feeling about the uncertainty of the world today has today been quelled by Nick Mulvey’s new offering, Begin Again, a four track EP which serves as a reminder of the rich pastures of wisdom that can be found through reconnecting with our families.

Begin Again came about after Mulvey embarked on a journey to discover more about his grandmother, Mary, who died before he was born. Throughout this journey, the songwriter connected with his grandmother through moving accounts of her teaching which were rooted in compassion and mutual respect. An uplifting and humbling track, Begin Again centers itself on the significance of interconnection.

Also on the EP is Third Way, in which the musician explores the idea of finding balance in such a fast-paced world. “I find it interesting that underneath the initial theme of anti-over-consumption lays this deeper and underlying theme of healing imbalance,” Mulvey says. “Because after all, why do we over-consume? We are living through an incredible shift. The old ways are dying, right before our very eyes.”

Accompanied by a new live performance of Begin Again, this new material marks a much anticipated return since his release of In The Anthropocene (2019). Speaking about the video, Mulvey says: “Creating videos in the lockdown was a challenge but I was fortunate that filmmakers Jack Harries and Alice Aedy were quarantining nearby. When the restrictions lessened we were able to trek to this location – Heaven’s Gate, in the north of Ibiza – just in time for the first rays of sunrise, and film this video of Begin Again.”

The Begin Again EP is out now on Fiction Records. Follow Mulvey on Instagram.

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