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Songwriter Lou Canon has stunned with her third album Audomatic Body. Guiding listeners through a sonic journey, the ten-track work is an exciting and varied listening experience from Canon who reflects throughout the album on the evolving and ever-changing nature of relationships.

The Toronto-based singer-songwriter, real name Leanne Greyerbiehl, said of opening track The Chorus: “I sing the lead on this record, but there are ten other voices that join me throughout. This first song honours our collaborative efforts. The Chorus introduces these voices collectively. They set the tone. They temper the mood and provoke contemplation. They ask us to soften, to turn inward to the body, wash away its heavy burdens and reach towards pleasure. The chorus was originally used in ancient Greek theatre. Performers would dance, sing, or talk in unison, acting as an emotional guide for the audience.”

From track one to the finale, Audomatic Body offers a varying soundscape, whilst maintaining many of the motifs established in opener The Chorus. Featuring vocals from the likes of Ariel Engle (Broken Social Scene, La Force), Hayden, and Tim Kingsbury (Arcade Fire) adds a whole other dimension to the already impressive record. Driven by haunting synths and hushed vocals, the album is full of mystery and melancholy; an atmospheric exploration through sound.

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