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Derry musician ROE has released her third single of 2020, once again showcasing the songwriters natural talent for a catchy hook, but this time with a more upbeat feel following on from the success of the more sombre single Room to Breathe. Listen to Marco now!


orange yellow orange

Newcomer Nancy, hailing from Brighton, has released another chilled Indie tune: “I wrote this during the midst of lockdown, thinking about all the things I couldn’t do. I’m an only child so am used to being alone, but once that privilege had been stripped for me I realised how much I take it for granted and how much I miss it. I’ll see you on the other side.”

Niamh Regan

How About That Coffee?

Galway singer-songwriter Niamh Regan has released another single from her upcoming album Hemet which is due for release in August. Listen to the soothing folk sounds of Regan now!

Moscow Apartment

Better Daughter

Brighid Fry and Pascale Padilla, the duo behind Toronto-based band Moscow Apartment, recently released their self-produced EP, Better Daughter. The polished depth of their sound may hide that the two are still under twenty, but we’re all here for their self-described “quirky, dreamy, feminist indie folk”. Give’m a spin!

Gracie Abrams


Laying herself bare with a charming vulnerability that only makes us fall in love with the singer-songwriter even more, LA-based Gracie Abrams has released her EP Minor this week, sending chills up our spines with the likes of Long Sleeves and I Miss You, I’m Sorry. Listen, and cry… and cry some more.

The Blinders

Black Glass

The Manchester via Doncaster band’s second album Fantasies Of A Stay At Home Psychopath is out tomorrow, and following on from the success of album number 1 Columbia, we’re excited (to say the least). Black Glass is the final single to be taken from the album before release day tomorrow. The depth of the song is unarguable, evolving from bass, drums and vocals into a chaotic yet captivating soundscape of distorted guitars, all the while giving the band’s thoughtful lyricism room to breathe. Take a listen and get ready for album release day…

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